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      Add:China road Xuancheng Shuangqiao Xuanzhou Development Zone No. 8 mud Bay in Anhui Province
      Company News
       ·To participate in learning IS09001:2015 standard, ISO13485:2003 2015 standards 2016-06-13
       ·The 2016 China (hefei) medical equipment exhibition in the Midwest 2016-03-18
       ·To participate in the international medical equipment fair 2016-03-18
       ·Medical electrical emc standard stable cross training 2016-03-18
       ·Medical equipment quality tour activities launched in March on popular science propaganda 2016-03-18
       ·Administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of publishing online purchasing 2016-03-18
       ·In July 2009, we obtain scarce talent education demonstration base in anhui 2016-03-18
       ·The regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices (state council order no. 65 2016-03-18
       ·Our company won the national small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund 2016-03-18
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