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      Ear maintenance matters needing attention
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      1, in noisy environment protection measures must be used

      Noise is too big for the hearing, sleep, work, and emotions have a negative impact, it not only refers to the noisy workplaces, KTV private rooms, the Iphone's metropolitan affect our listening the music, and we often hear the sound but could not tell what others said.In addition, the noise will make us upset, anxiety or depression, sleep quality slash, special shallow sleep.The expert reminds, can not be overlooked either noise power, huge noise can let a hair fracture, let alone also exposed the ear, as far as possible use comfortable ear plugs is the best policy on environmental protection.

      2, wrestling

      This cause reason ear injury may not happen in every person's life, after all, vigorous exercise on the outside of the ear also nots allow to ignore.The expert thinks,Go to bedSuch as severe external shock can cause the earThe skinAt the bottom of the cartilage separation, quickly congestion caused auricle hematoma, commonly known as "cauliflower ear".

      3, fashion also harm Auricle perforation is really bad

      Perhaps should listen to mother's opinion, perforated everywhere seemed less seedy, auricle cartilage perforated will not only cause inflammation, the risk of a scar, and may affect your listening level finally.

      4, careful use "TaoErShao"

      Some people are accustomed to using "TaoErShao" to deal with ear wax, however, the researchers found that nearly 4% of the cases of ruptured eardrum is caused by improper use "TaoErShao", because of the eardrum is the last barrier to protect the hearing, the barrier breakdown can cause stick directly to brush against the ear ossicle, hemorrhage, infection, eventually lead to permanent loss of hearing or balance.Expert proposal, had better use paper environmental protection swab, avoid hard objects such as plastic, toothpick, pens, and even the car keys close to your ears.

      ¡¡¡¡5, don't ignore the hearing problem

      witheyesSight, smell, taste, even hearing loss of form is not perceived by people, are more likely to be ignored.After all, infection, inflammation, blood supply can affect hearing, in a short time, experts suggest must be timely medical treatment, the hearing is measured with the professional equipment of detection of hearing.

      6, ear drops should also be careful

      This need special attention for swimmers, because the ear easily into the water for a long time, so for choose antiphlogistic lotion or should be cautious, had better not without the consent of the doctor to buy medicine.

      7, the body does not conform to the qualification of diving

      ¡¡¡¡Summer, go to the seaside for snorkeling seems like a good idea, however, eligible snorkeling professionals don't seem to meet the huge customer base, but the businessman also can't let the opportunity pass, finally hurt consumers naturally.The expert reminds: "in the process of diving real danger is not a shark, but barotrauma, namely ascend too fast, can't balance the pressure inside ear cause trauma to the eardrum. Therefore before diving or have to pay a professional coach to just can check, I can't save this money."

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