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      Years of chronic inflammation of the throat diet nursing care
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      Years of chronic inflammation of the throat diet nursing?The treatment of allergic rhinitis experts said: if you want to early make allergic rhinitis symptoms improvement and rehabilitation as soon as possible, not only need therapy after the diagnosis of the first, also need to learn some perennial chronic inflammation of the throat diet nursing measures.

      Chronic inflammation of the throat diet:

      1, glace kelp

      Taking kelp 300 grams, white sugar right amount.Wash and cut the kelp silk, with boiling water ironed out, add white sugar marinate 3, table.

      2, honey tea

      The right amount of tea, honey.Tea with small gauze bags, placed in the cup, make tea with boiling water, cool stir with honey, after every half an hour, using this solution to rinse your mouth and swallow, a laparoscope, usually connected to a work after 3 days.

      3, sesame oil, egg soup

      Take an egg, sesame oil.The eggs into the cup, add sesame oil stir, into the boiling water about 200 ml of hot drink slowly, in the morning on an empty stomach is advisable.

      4, olives, tea

      Take two of olives, 1 g of green tea.Connect the olive nuclear cut in half, with green tea in the cup, pour into the stuffy 5 minutes after drinking.

      5, honey OuZhi

      Take fresh lotus root, honey right amount each.To join the fresh lotus root juice 100 ml, add honey to make YinFu, 1 times a day, even for a few days.

      Small make up warm prompt: the above content is in view of the perennial chronic inflammation of the throat of diet nursing in detail, the hope that through this introduction, can help a perennial has certain improvement in symptoms in patients with chronic inflammation of the throat or rehabilitation.

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