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      Ent disease prevention little common sense
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      A, Active prevention and cure a coldCatch a coldIncrease or decrease in clothes in time, according to the season change.
      ¡¡Second, Strengthen physical training, enhance the body resistance, advocates the cold water washs a face, cold bath, sunbathing.
      ¡¡Three, Quit smoking wine, defense of poisonous gas and pollution, dust on the nose, pharyngeal stimulation for a long time.
      Four, Avoid long-term use vasoconstrictor, such as intranasal net, ephedrine, lest cause drug resistancerhinitis¡£
      Five, Don't pick my nose bad habit, congestion is serious to blow your nose, lest cause sinusitis,earAnd so on.
      Vi. Timely treatment of the nose, pharynx and the surrounding organs disease, in order to avoid the spread of infection and recurrent.
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